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  • Brownell, C.J. (2019, March). Tracing Intertextual Connections in Multimodal Composing: A Case Study of a Young Child’s Filmmaking in the Early Childhood Classroom. Invited presentation for the MakEY Project, a Horizon 2020 European Funding for Research & Innovation (RISE) recipient. Sheffield, UK.

  • Brownell, C. J. (2019, March). From the hands of babes: What post-secondary scholars can learn from children's multimodal composing practices. Paper presented at the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 

  • Brownell, C. J. (2019, April). Hidden in plain sight: Exploring double exposure in early childhood research. SIG: Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

  • Brownell, C. J. (2019, May). Constructing speculative futures through multimodal composing: Exploring a young multilingual learner’s call for justice in an English language arts classroom. Paper presented at Youngsters 2: On the Cultures of Children & Youth Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

  • Brownell, C. J. (2019, May). Listening in a new key: Exploring young children’s sonic compositions in a primary school. Paper presented at Canadian Society for Study of Education Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


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